Day 7 – Sedialia, MO to St Louis, MO to Plano, TX

We woke on Thursday morning about 7 am and broke camp at the Missouri State Fair Campground in Sedalia, MO. We rode to a Burger King restaurant and ate a quick breakfast. Next we rode 3 miles to the Sedalia train depot to catch the Amtrak train bound for St. Louis. MO.

We arrived at the train station, removed the bags from our bikes and waited for the train. The train was 20 minutes late from its scheduled arrival in Sedalia. We loaded our bikes and gear onto the train and left Sedalia about 10:30 am. The train took us across Missouri to St. Louis, MO. We arrived in St Louis around 3 pm, late by about an hour.

Since we had a layover until the Amtrak train left for Dallas, TX, we rode our bikes to a coffee shop, hung out, visited, made calls and caught up on email. We ate dinner at a Panera Bread in downtown St. Louis, then rode back to the Amtrak train station.

Amtrak Train - St Louis, MO.

Amtrak Train – St Louis, MO.

We loaded our bikes and gear onto the Amtrak train bound for Dallas, TX. The train left St. Louis at 8 pm. I was better prepared for this overnight train ride – I had my long pants, hoodie, and pullover hat to keep me warm on the cold train. And I chose the rear fo the last car on the train – not as many people walking by and also farther away from the wailing train horn located on the front engine. I wrote notes about the trip and tried to get some sleep beginning with quiet hours (beginning at 10 pm).

I awoke from a fitful night of sleep at about 6:30 am. Ate breakfast in the train’s snack car (purchased coffee cake, coffee, and orange juice). The train arrived in Dallas, TX around noon on Friday. The weather was hot in Dallas (mid-90’s) – a change from the weather in Missouri.

I purchased a Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) ticket, loaded my bike and gear onto the DART train from downtown Dallas, TX bound for Plano, TX. I rode my bike from the Plano DART station to my home, arriving home about 2 pm.

Trip Summary:
Bikepacked and camped for 353 miles on the Katy Trail in five days of riding in late September 2019. Rode more miles than expected due to detours related to flood damage from the spring 2019 flood of the Missouri River.

Bikepacking the Katy Trail in Missouri.